Joe Nevitt’s Story (Cancer and Diabetes)

In April of 2005 my husband, Joe, was diagnosed with lung cancer and given four months to live.

Dear friends of ours told us about Protocel. We ordered it and Joe started taking it. However, he did not get serious and would miss doses, then stopped taking it entirely for one month, two months and even three months at a time (they say its a man thing), To me this speaks volumes for Protocel because, even though he didn’t take it correctly; it held off his lung cancer for over 3 years.

In May of 2008 he became extremely ill and had to be hospitalized for 2 ½ weeks. He had fluid on the lungs, which affected his heart, kidneys; and his breathing was extremely labored. He was put on oxygen and had emergency surgery to put a tube in his chest to drain the fluid off his lungs. The doctors removed 3 quarts of fluid in surgery and he was put on a machine to keep removing the fluid for the balance of his stay. When the fluid from his lungs was tested it was found that the cancer, found in the fluid, had mutated.

During his last week in the hospital the Protocel was administered every 6 hours. I called Tony Bell and explained what had happened. He encouraged me that this could be turned around if done properly. We increased the Protocel to 1/3 tsp. every six hours, and added Germanium and Larch, which helps Protocel work faster. He was also put on PawPaw and Vitamin D3 to help kill the mutated cancer. Joe now realized the importance of following Protocel’s protocol, and vowed to follow its directions.

The day he was to be released from the hospital a different doctor was on duty. She came into the room and talked to us about a hospital bed and hospice care for Joe at our home. I refused her suggestion on both counts. I had always felt that God had sent us Protocel as the answer, and I did not believe He had changed His mind. I told her that she could order home nursing to monitor Joe’s care and therapy to help him recover his strength. It was decided that the home nursing and mentoring would help Joe recover the quickest.

In addition to the cancer: Joe is a diabetic. He had been on four prescription drugs for the diabetes. Upon being released from the hospital his medication was reduced from the four medications to only one. Two weeks ago they cut the last pill in half, and yesterday they cut that half pill in half once again. God is so good!

I truly believe, if taken correctly, Protocel will take care of any autoimmune disease. If you could see Joe today, other than the weight he lost, you would not believe that he was at death’s door only two months ago. I believe God did the healing through Protocel and the supplements. We serve an awesome God!!!!

Please believe: You do not have to die or be incapacitated by an autoimmune disease. Think of this…Joe really expected to leave the hospital in a body bag. When I spoke to our doctor after his release from the hospital, and told him what Joe had feared, he said he expected the same. At the present time Joe is well, and getting stronger every day.

Joe’s wife
Gail Nevitt